Informing the Texas electorate

Influence Texas, P.B.C. exists to provide unbiased and comprehensive information for the Texas electorate by aggregating and disseminating information that tracks politicians' campaign finance and voting records. Influence Texas is nonpartisan, is unaffiliated with any political party, and will remain unaffiliated with political parties.

Using business for social good

Influence Texas is a public benefit corporation, or P.B.C., which is a for-profit company obligated to consider the impact of its decisions on society as well as its shareholders. We measure our success by how well we achieve our mission and not just by the size of profits. Influence Texas uses business to create government transparency. We disseminate information that is in the public benefit, using revenue from our subscription service to fund our free service.

After perfecting our Texas model, we plan to expand the Influence USA brand nationwide.

Supporting open source development

Influence Texas began as INFLUENCE TX at ATX Hack for Change in June 2017 and progressed as an open source project Influence Texas OS supported by Open Austin. Project leaders have participated in the Mozilla Foundation's Open Leadership Training Series.

Influence Texas P.B.C. continues to support the Influence Texas OS web app while pursuing sources of funding and building a comprehensive platform that will contain historical data, specifically voting and campaign finance records from multiple legislative sessions and election cycles, as well as lobbying data and personal financial disclosures of politicians. 


Meet the Influence Texas Co-Founders Amy M. Mosley and Michael Rollins.