Visit the free web app: . No download needed.

Visit the free web app: No download needed.

Visit our free, open-source web app to find campaign finance information related to the most recent Legislative session. Search:

Use Find Reps to enter your address and discover your Texas state Representative and Senator.

No download needed.


The 86th Legislative session was held January through May of 2019. The app includes money donated during the 2016 - 2018 election cycle leading up to the 86th session.

Influence Texas began at ATX Hack for Change in June 2017 and has progressed as an open-source project supported by Open Austin, Texans for Public Justice, and Influence Texas P.B.C.—a public benefit corporation dedicated to educating the Texas electorate.

We continue to support the open-source project while building a comprehensive platform that will contain historical data, specifically voting and campaign finance records from multiple legislative sessions and election cycles, as well as lobbying data and personal financial disclosures of politicians.