Dealing with Voter Anxiety


by Amy M. Mosley
Co-Founder, Influence Texas

Got voter anxiety? You’ve come to the right place! That’s exactly why I started Influence Texas.

I was so overwhelmed by the toxicity of the 2016 presidential election that I didn’t vote. It’s the first time in my left since I’ve been eligible that I’ve abstained from participation in a major U.S. election. I was going to go and vote for down-ballot races, but honestly, I didn’t have the emotional fortitude to dig for hours through various news publications to try to find the info I needed.

As a former investigative reporter I was aware that politicians do whatever they get paid to do. So what a voter needs to know is: (1) Who is paying the politician (campaign finance records) and (2) how that politician is behaving as a result (voting records).

I thought surely there must be an app for that. There wasn’t. Thus, Influence Texas was born.

Our free web app is a one-stop shop for relevant information on your state senators and representatives. You can easily scroll through a list of your politician’s top financial contributors in less than two minutes, and you can read as much or as little about bills and voting records from the last legislative session as you like.

There’s no commentary. No vile talking heads. No pop-up ads. Nothing to get in your way.


P.S. - Remember that you can’t take your phone (or any other wireless communication device) within 100 feet of a polling place! So study up before you go vote.