Texans for Public Justice

Influence Texas has partnered with the liberal nonprofit Texans for Public Justice, which obtains contribution and expenditure data dutifully filed with the Texas Ethics Commission by all candidates, political committees, and political parties and processes the information through a proprietary database.

The state of Texas requires contribution and expenditure disclosure reports to be filed every six months with additional reporting required 30 days and 10 days prior to an election.  TPJ assigns a unique "identification number" to each individual donor who has contributed an aggregate amount of $2,500 or more.  Political action committees (PACs) are assigned a "unique filer" number by the Ethics Commission when they register as required under Texas law.  TPJ enhances the basic donor data provided through the Ethics Commission by researching/confirming the donor's occupation and employer and assigning the donor one of 120 economic interest codes allowing users to analyze campaign contribution activity by various industries and interest groups.  TPJ processes and appends approximately 5 million campaign contribution records into its master dataset each year. Data can be verified by direct links to each public records filed with the Ethics Commission.

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