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Wonder who's funding whom? Or who your politician is really working for?


If you've ever tried looking for Texas campaign finance reports using the Texas Ethics Commission website, chances are you didn't get very far. You probably had questions like: Which politicians are we talking about here? What's up with all the "filer" types? Why can't I track donations across multiple election cycles? Why are there so many PACs? Who do they support? and Can I search by donor?



Enter Influence Texas.

Whether you're a policy wonk or a legislative novice, you can use Influence Texas to easily figure out where the money is coming from and which direction it's flowing. We've made a simple directory of statewide elected officials that will fit in the palm of your hand. You can see who funded a politician — and who funded the funders who funded that politician.

You can use Influence Texas to search the most recent election cycle for:

  • each politician's top donors — including individuals and PACs

  • each top individual donor's profile information — including employer and industry

  • each top PAC's profile information — including individuals and companies who contribute

  • each top individual donor's funding history

  • each top PAC's funding history

Politics analyzed.

If you work for a non-profit or an advocacy organization, you'll benefit from Influence Texas so you can search for:

  • donations by issue

  • donations by industry

  • information across election cycles since 2002

  • any donor who has given more than $5,000 to Texas statewide political races

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Future Influence Texas and Influence Texas PRO releases will include:

  • Legislative voting records

  • Lobbying reports

  • Personal financial disclosures

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